12 week Challenge

I'm actually going to write about this blog before I update all my summer blogs, I just feel like for my success I need to be writing my blog entries on this challenge in a timely manner as it will increase my accountability, and it will hopefully get me back into the habit of writing.

So after leaving you all in the dark, unless you follow me on other social media platforms, of what happened this summer here's a look at what I am going to be doing for the next 12 weeks.

My very good friend Tamara joined Fit Body Boot Camp around 8 months ago, and she's had amazing results, her husband got on board as well and has seen a huge change, he doesn't work out at the gym but does his own workouts at home.  Men don't seem to have the same problems with losing weight that women experience, biology sometimes does not work in our favour ladies.

I considered joining a couple times, but the only time I have been successful, like really successful at losing weight I had done it all at home on my own, so gym programs stress me out.  I don't like being told I can't drink something like coffee, or not having a dessert at thanksgiving so those type of plans don't work for me.

But after a summer of getting no where on my own, and months of nothing else really working, I decided I'd give this program a shot.  I have a binder full of recipes, I have my macros set out for me and now I just have to build my meal plans. I have even found a pumpkin spice creamer in the recipe section!!!

I've talked with my husband and he's on board for the most part diet wise at least, so now the boys will be forced to be on board and get healthy.  Chandler has made some complaints about it, but I am sure he will get over himself, or he'll spend extra money on eating out.  Either way the other two boys have less choice.

I foresee my Sundays being busy, pre-cooking and packaging up meals that I can easily take on the go.  I think I am going to do the four meals a day, based on my schedule but I need to ask about snacks, I get that snacks count as meals, but I like my snacks to be small and quick..... this makes it easier during the workday, especially when I am teaching and supervising all day long.

Image result for south red deer fit body boot camp

I had my weigh-in on Friday and my measurements were taken.  Some interesting tidbits, I have 35 lbs of dry lean mass in my body, and I have more than double that in body fat mass.  My biggest weight in my body is water though.  I'm definitely on the high end of the BMI chart, and that needs to change.

So here are my two goals/ results I'd like to see at the end of these twelve weeks.
At the end of these 12 weeks, my body fat percentage will be down by 15% of what it is currently.
At the end of these 12 weeks my dry lean mass will be increased by 15 lbs.

I'm going to work with my coach but I think these are realistic if I am putting in the effort and working at this but if I have to adjust the numbers to make sure I am setting a healthy goal I will adjust them, but I want to see results at the end of this 12 weeks.

So here are the before photos! Will we see results together?


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