Another Surgery

Since my third baby was born my body has been in revolt.  It has been revolting against it's current state and causing me all kinds of problems that I had never even imagined.

Truly, when I entered into puberty and the whole menstration cycle began, it kind of began without any pomp or circumstance. I didn't have abdominal cramping, I didn't feel sick, I was hardly moody at all.  I got a tiny leg cramp, I thought it was from gym class, so I went to the washroom and was disgusted and excited at the same time. 

But that's how most of my periods worked.  They were like clockwork, I was a full 28 day cycle and the only thing that threw me off that cycle was pregnancies.  But even pregnancies weren't so bad until the birth of my third child.

Now I am not blaming my third baby, but I think it's more than coincidental that my body start rejecting the natural state of things at the same time my periods began after nursing this cutie!

I know, get to what happened, explain what led me down the bath to having another surgery, because that's not a small decision. So here's what started happening.

When my periods started to happen again, I started getting all these weird new period symptoms.  I would get fuzzy lines/ dots in my vision, I would have to take a day off work because I had a horrible headache, I would spend a day sleeping and most of the first week I would be too tired to do much more then what was absolutely necessary.  I had abdominal cramping as well as back cramps in my kidney areas and the cramp that ran down the front of my thigh.  I would also be bleeding so heavily I had to have the largest tampons I could find plus basically and adult diaper that I would change every 45 minutes or so.  This was completely unbearable and foreign.

This was all without birth control pills, my husband was supposed to go for a vasectomy (he never did go) so I started seeing a gynaecologist.  We started by putting me back on birth control pills, four pills later the severity of the symptoms had mostly been taken care, I wasn't getting Auras or migraines much anymore, maybe once every three months, the severe heavy bleeding had been controlled but I in two years of visiting my doctor I had maybe 3 normal, or stereotypical cycles, the rest of the time I had intermittent bleeding, cramping and my moods were epic.  In Friends, when Ross loses his cool over someone eating his Thanksgiving Sandwich.... yeah that was me once a month over the sound of a feather hitting the ground.

So I decided to have an ablation and tubal ligation.  No more babies for this momma.  The Surgery itself was fine and recovery is going well.  And in time I will be able to talk about what I have noticed from this change I have put on my body.

From the conversations I have had with other women I work with, this surgery is helpful and worth it, so I am hoping I fall into that category!!

Have you had an ablation or tubal ligation? Have you experienced drastic changes to your body after childbirth/ or from getting older?


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