Chapter 2: Physical Therapy

While we were in Nova Scotia, we told people we had to leave by a certain day because of this upcoming appointment, which was true, we did need to make it back.  There was a doctor there and he kept telling me nothing was wrong he seemed fine with his walking, but I felt he'd say whatever he needed to have us stay another day or two.

The trip to Nova Scotia was wonderful, my boys were great and they played and frolicked and made so many memories! But then we came home and it was back to reality.

While waiting to see Dr B, Leigham and Teddy brought me all the children's books in the waiting area to read.  Some of those books are super old and you can tell from their content that they were written in the seventies. I almost felt scandalized reading one book. I wish I could remember it better to put the title in this blog. Finally, they led us back to the patient room.

"Ah, how is everyone today," Dr. B greeted as he came in.

"I'm bored," moaned Leigham hanging over the end of the bed.

"Ah and what are we here for today," Dr B smiled and turned his attention to me.

I explained our chiropractic visit and how we'd like to pursue physical therapy for Teddy to see if we could improve his gait.  Dr. B had Teddy walk in the little room so he could see what we were describing, "Ah, yes, well do you have insurance?" he asked after a few steps.

I nodded my head and watched him file a referral for Physical Therapy for my little Teddy Bear.  I was confident, beyond measure that we would go to Physical Therapy and he'd strengthen his muscles and improve his gait.

Teddy is healty, Teddy is my baby, he's perfect! There was no need to be alarmed.

A week later we got a call from one of the Physical Therapy clinics in Red Deer.  We booked our first consult and then had weekly appointments.  Teddy enjoyed going to his physical therapy. He got to warm his legs up, he did some exercises then we had exercises we did at home. He was keen to participate and there was some improvement.

The Physical Therapist in one of the first few visits asked if we had had any neurology assessments done.  I just shook my head at him and said no we hadn't been referred to a neurologist.  And that's when the first kernel of doubt entered my head.  Maybe there was something more going on with Teddy than just his unbalanced gait from his ear infections.  Maybe there was some neurological issues.

I struggled with this idea! And we went from August until December before I made a call to another Physical Therapy place in Red Deer that had more paediatric connections to get us the proper referrals.  Peds Rehab at the 49th street clinic is super busy, but they have walk in appointments that you can go to once a week to have an initial assessment, we were scheduled to go but then we got a call the PT was ill that day so they just booked us an appointment instead.

Right away, this new PT saw what our other PT saw, but she knew who she wanted Teddy to see in order to get a diagnosis.  So she took some video and a history from me of Teddy and sent it on it's way to Edmonton to see Dr. Watt.

This is when I really started reeling, and it didn't help that I was only starting to feel a little better after my depression through Christmas.  I mean when it rains it pours.


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