Field Trip Reflection

We did four big field trips in June with the class. June is such a hard month because most students have checked out of school by the first so we didn't want to do anything too taxing on them.  So we booked a lot of field trips to let the students enjoy some amazing locations within a half an hour drive of the school.
The first place we took the kids to was the Thuluum Tulip Farm just east of Red Deer.  It was a very neat experience and the owners were amazing! I was so happy we got to go and the students all seemed to really like this trip.  It became the benchmark to which all other field trips would be measured.
 The next trip we went on was a walking tour around Red Deer. We visited 10 statues that were erected to show the history of Red Deer.  The statue above is Mr. Mann who conducted the Red Deer Royals and a few of our students had known him. This was a long day of walking but the kids did great and we had a lot of fun at the spray park during lunch!
 The next trip was out to LGBarnes camp, which is a camp for people with disabilities.  The kids were able to participate in a variety of activities like swimming, tractor ride, scavenger hunt and slushies.  It was a good day, I love going out to this camp and I think it got some of the students thinking about possibly coming out in the summer on their own to camp for a week or so.
 The last field trip was another walking tour, we went to Kerry Wood Nature Center and to McKenzie trails, the kids had a blast.   I took a group on the long walk around the Gaetz Lakes, the students were awesome.  I am happy we got to end our year this way, instead of doing a bunch of review and tests!!


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