End of the School Year

 I work with two very different groups of kids, but I am fond of each of them for different reasons.

One reason I love working with these kids is that they always keep me on my toes.  The first group each student is vastly different but they find small joys in places where I have forgotten to look.  They often need more help navigating the social regulations of society, but more often than not they are more accepting of each other's differences. A lot could be learned by watching them accept people for who they are and not what they can do. This group of kids will often scare other teachers because they "don't know what to do with them", but that for me is thinking too globally, get to know them, form a relationship with them and you will see that what you need to do isn't really all that different than what you are already doing.

The second group gives me faith that not all millenials are lazy.  This group is hard working and has a lot of drive to get things done.  They want to make the world (right now it's Thurber) a better place, but I know that when they leave high school they are going to make the world an amazing place.  Sometimes they need a little help navigating how to sell what they are doing, but for the most part I get to sit back and watch magic happen when I work with these kids.

It's been a hard year in a lot of ways, but I have cherished every moment and look forward to many more years learning and growing with all my kids!


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