Where did April Go....

Man I can't get out of this funk!! I've tried and in some areas of my life I am almost back to normal, but in so many areas I am unmotivated, I have absolutely no desire to get on board.

I've looked at my computer every night after the kids have gone to bed and I'm like nope not today.  I'm not a great at writing at night, yet that's the only time I really have to write.  I'd love to get up before my family and do an hour of writing but that means I have to get up at 4.... and even then who knows if the kids would get up as well.  I can't sneeze in the morning without hearing the baby call out, "Hi, Hi" repeatedly.  And the thought of waking up at 4 am sends me into a mental exhaustion just having the thought.

I like to sleep.  But here is what I am promising myself to do.  I am going to start May 1 and I am going to diarize my day.  On this blog, so that means 7 days a week I will be blogging about my day, my boring, boring day. But it's a way for me to stay accountable to my goals, so the blogs by right will need to be written at night before I head to bed. I am also going to start with a photo gallery and maybe a youtube vlog about what is going on in my life and different things I am doing. The last two are a bit lofty at this point since I'm barely doing the blogging but shot for the stars right?

I also have to get back into my running.  My Seawheeze 16 shorts arrived so I am super excited about them, I LOVE them!! They are amazing!! My friend Becky isn't a fan, they have too much blue in them for her, but I LOVE, LOVE them!!!

So there you are, this is where I am at and where I know I need to go.  I'm going to have a checklist each day for things I need to do and then I will discuss what I've done and my progress..... May is definitely going to turn into the Dear Diary Series.....


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