Life Needs to Slow Down

I love being busy, busy with friends, busy with my kids, busy with all the things I love but there has to be a balance.

I have very recently just stopped doing everything, mostly because there was so much to do that I just did not even know where to begin.

I'm in a new job, I'm still working my old job, I'm still doing all the things with my kids, I'm still trying to get my training under way for my half marathon. I'm launching my home based business so my husband doesn't have to work away so much, so many things are going on and my oldest is graduating from high school and I am trying to get that all figured out.

Last month I felt I was in the eye of the hurricane, watching the world I am in spin completely out of control and knowing if I moved one step forward or one step backward I would be sucked up by Hurricane Busy and who knows where I would end up.  It was terrifying. It was not the first time this has happened to me.

I took some time as I stopped doing anything that would give me forward momentum and reflected on the things I want in life, to accomplish this year to set myself up for future times. It was a good meditation something I should do more of as it definitely helps settle me and centres me in away that helps make my focus very crystal clear,

So here are the top three things I am wanting for my life and family this year.

1) I am wanting to be healthy and fit. I want to be able to run a 2:55 half marathon, I want have the energy I had when I was training last year because I was fuelling my body with healthy foods and exercising consistently.

2) I want to have financial freedom, not in the sense that we won't work, but in the sense that we won't need to depend on the oil field to provide us with the things we want in life.  I want to have work that allows me to take time when I need and so that I am not stressed about a weekend trip to the coast or planning a trip with my husband for a get away.

3) I want to spend time with my kids and enjoy the things they enjoy (sometimes I mean Minecraft just isn't my thing) but to go out and build memories with my kids and not worry about buying things for them,  I want to be able to take them to the mountains, to Drumheller, to the Zoo because these are things they will enjoy.  I want to have the time to do this and the financial resources as well.

Here is what I know has to happen in order for me to be able to do these things.

1) my part-time job with Parkland CLASS had to come to an end.  I could no longer work those few hours for those few dollars to have to do the training and everything else as it was taking up time I needed to devote to other things.  So I resigned as of March 31, I was sad to go, I liked working there, I loved my co-workers, but I need to give to myself and my family and that time I needed for those things.

2) I have to make myself a schedule, and I have to stick to it!! I have to use my lunches to train for my half marathon, I have to weight train at home, I have to get back into my yoga at home in the evening after the kids are in bed, but it all has to be scheduled so I stick with it!

3) I have to schedule my writing in as well.  What will happen when I sit down and write 1000 words a day? In a year I will have 365,000 words which should be about a book, so there you go.

4) I need to be honest with myself and what I want in life and what I need to be doing to get those things.

So here we go April is the start of doing things smarter not harder!!


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