Crash and Burn.......

Does this ever happen to anyone else? You are go, go, go..... then all of a sudden, the motivation that was driving you to complete everything on your plate disappears.  Just vanishes, and try as you might you can't get back on track...

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It's like your body, or mind, telling you to it's time to take a break, so that motivation that was propelling you forward takes a time out, and until you realize that you need to take a moment to figure things out, that motivation won't come back.

So then it was time for me to take a break, from all things, and I did... I literally stopped posting blogs, photo uploads to my 52 week challenge, reading my books, even at work I was approaching things with a just get it done because there's a deadline, not because I wanted to complete them well.  I'm not super proud of this mental break, but it is what it is, and now it's time to put my thinking cap on and move forward.

Because I don't want to give up, even though it may be easy to crawl into bed and go to sleep and only move through the motions of the day, I have plans, dreams and the only way I can accomplish these dreams I have to work on them! Do THEM!
The biggest thing I have realized is that I have to be an agent of change, I read that phrase in Stephen Covey's The 7 habits of Highly Effective People and it rang true with me.  Over the past few months I have been researching a Servant Leadership, a style of leadership which is modelled after Jesus' form of Leadership.  It's not a soft Leadership style, but a style that is centered on principles and values that honour and respect people and their contributions. I started by reading one book, then I read another and another and I have been doing a lot of reflection and working to incorporate it into my own life, work, home, all aspects.  I think that's where the break came from, I needed to let the information processes in my head, let the ideas sink in before I could proceed further.

This blog has always been a place where I have put my modest ramblings, sometimes people read them, other times they don't, but it's also a place I can go back to and reflect on what I have written, so now it's going to be a place where I set out my journey, the changes I am implementing into my life. What's going to happen is I will document the books I'm reading and how I am taking those readings and suggestions and putting them to practice.  I don't think everyone should do this with me, but if you are so inclined, I hope my path will help you as well... or if not and you choose to read my posts that you garner some type of entertainment from it.

I will still post some of the fun things I do with the boys and my hubby, but I'm going to again refocus my blog.... but it is my journey..... to reaching my dreams!


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