Books that I have used to start my journey

For those of you that know me, you know that I am a big reader, like from way back!  I love books and even in fiction I can often find messages that I can apply to my own life.  If you aren't a huge reader, then maybe it will be hard for you to understand this, but maybe you use a different type of media to get messages to apply to your life, maybe it's music, maybe it's movies, television, reality television... everyone has something, books are my major venue for finding reasons and ideas to apply to my life.
So here is how my journey began....

It was during a committee meeting that Servant Leadership was first officially introduced to me, I had seen certificates for it at work but I didn't know where it came from or what it meant, so I let it be. Then the COO began speaking to Servant Leadership, and something sparked in me.  I wanted to learn more, I wanted to explore more and become versed in this new idea... a new idea, so I asked for some reading material, and this was the first book I read.  It was an easy read and after reading it, I wanted more and more...

Then after I had finished reading the first book we had to been given two more books to read.  Implementing Servant Leadership which has many stories from different agencies, businesses, groups that use Servant Leadership.  It was really interesting to read how the different organizations use it, and I will further record those fun tidbits in later blogs, but I felt that what they were doing is what I have always strived to do, I feel like Servant Leadership is a natural fit for me....

This is another short book I read in conjunction with the second book on this list.  This book is an analogy book, it's not on Servant Leadership exactly but it is a book about how to look at your life and how to change your way of thinking.... There are some definite key pointers to take from this book to help you deal with the different ups and downs one experience in life.

And the latest book that I am reading is this one.   I think it's popular enough in main stream culture that it needs little explanation, but it is definitely my spring board to making a whole life change.  I am reading this book, and working each chapter as I do it, which I will be blogging about to keep a chapter for me on my journey.

This is a journey I am taking, a journey I am happy to take, but it's not going to be easy, I'll probably have set backs, and epiphanies, but it will happen because it is what I plan to accomplish.


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