When I say Whirlwind that's exactly what I mean

OMG I am finally getting my life back into a schedule, and I am finally able to schedule in blogging time!!! So Sorry blogging buddies that I have been neglectful of you, I have been reading when I can but I am not even kidding you that my life has been,not in the eye of a whirlwind but right in the midst of if for the last four months.

It all started back in December getting ready for Christmas.  Christmas is a busy time of the year as it is, and well work and everything else just started picking up and it was like I was on a runaway train.  I had been working three jobs, substitute teaching, working in the group home and working my own home based business, Fifth Avenue Collection.  Plus I had been trying to put in time to writing and spending time with my family and giving myself time but there wasn't much left to give me.  After our quick trip back to Saskatchewan for Christmas I went straight to work for 8 days in  a row.  And not just 4 or 5 hour shifts, most of my shifts were 8 hours and a couple 12 hour shifts.  That laid the ground work for my next move.

In January I switched group homes that I worked for because I needed more money, but I kept taking shifts at my old group home so I could still make a living.  Substitute teaching was almost non existent for the month of January and I was beginning to PANIC.  I mean substitute teaching was not my full time job, but as long as I got 8 shifts a month then plus what I made at the group home I could get by each month.  Then what I did in Fifth Avenue Collection was for extra payments on all my credit cards.  So I took a job in a group home where I was working on average 30 hrs a week.  This was an evening job so that meant no sitter which was great too.  But I wasn't loving it, not even a little.  I liked it,  the staff were good, the clients were alright, but I was bored, there was no mental stimulation and if I don't have that i don't enjoy the job.

Then a supervisor's position came open in the first group home I worked in, so I applied for that position and I started it in February on the 21st.  It was good, but wouldn't you know it the two weeks before that I subbed 9 of the ten days.  Yeah so Murphy's Law kicked in and subbing picked up but I had made a decision to go with steady income, even if it was less, and having a more open schedule for promoting my Fifth Avenue Collection business.  

I am a little torn about leaving substitute teaching behind, but I think this supervisors position will give me some great experience and I am doing well in the job.  I am still working on my Fifth Avenue Collection business and it's going well. I need to increase my sales and work hard to be consistent in the business, but that is my goal for this year, to be consistent in the business, for myself.  I do miss teaching and if I can get enough notice I can still sub every once in awhile, but I am actually enjoying the new job with the new responsibilities.

So there is an update, I will soon write an update on the men in my life, suffice to say they are all flourishing and doing well.  It's only Lil Man who is having a hard time adjusting to this new schedule.  But more on that later!!!  Talk to you all soon!!!


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