Princess Jenn's Stagette

I have some of the best friends in the world, do you hear that BEST friends in the world.  I had blogged earlier that my friend Estelle had hosted a shower for me in Saskatoon in July and at the end of July my girlfriend Rolandia hosted my stagette.

Here is some background to my friends that attended my stagette.  I invited everyone but because it was on a long weekend some people already had plans and some people just chose not to show up, but I was not going to let any of that get me down, no sir ree bob.   Anyway onto who attended my lovely soiree.
Rolandia was the host she did all the background bookings and paying for what happened that night.  She is the best, even if she likes to tell the story of how she hated me when we first met.  I was a bit stand-offish when I first met Rolandia, she started at Bo's and we had been through at least ten other girls before she came in and I was sick of training and then having the girls walk out or not show up two shifts later.  It was just friggen annoying so by the time Rolly came around I was done being nice to the new girls at least until they proved they had staying power.  That being said I was just not extra nice I was civil, but not hey let's be friends.

My sister Courtney also came to my stagette, she is amazing really.  She came even though she was feeling sick and she stuck it out most of the night, I was so proud to have her as my sister.  I love her, even if when we were kids we used to fight.

Laleh, my friend from 8th grade on came as well.  We have had a rocky relationship, but we are mending bridges and seeing where things will go.  We used to much closer but changes in our lives, and sometimes people have interfered with us remaining close.  But, one thing I can say for Laleh's and my relationship is that we are both persistent to keep working on it so that we remain friends into our senile years.  Lol, she came all the way from Vancouver with her little Jaika.  We then drove into to Saskatoon together which is a long car ride.

The last two attendees were Alex and Monica, they drove all the way up from California.  To say I was tickled pink by their appearance in Canada, it was the first time they had been up in 20 years of knowing each other, would be a gross understatement.  Alex is one of my best friends in the world, she is my sister from another mister.  And Monica is her younger sister and so by default and by my choice my other younger sister as well.  I was so excited to be able to finally be able to show Alex and Monica where I had lived all those years we have known each other and to have been able to spend time with them where I was the host and not the other way around.  Alex and I have been friends and remained close friends since 1991, We have some similar life experiences and we share many common interests.

Now we met out at Sylvan Lake after spending part of the day in Calgary.  We went on the Zoo Cruise first, it's a two hour boat ride around Sylvan Lake.  We were on the cruise with two other groups and we all played sociables for most of the ride.  It was a great time.  I laughed a lot and the weather was wonderful!!!

After the cruise we went on a limo ride all around Red Deer.  It was a great time, we girls had a blast, drinking, singing, and pretending to be princesses, or famous people.  Not sure what the other girls were pretending to be, but I was being a princess.  We finished the limo ride off at Bo's and had some appies and drinks there, then we headed out to Bellinis to do some dancing.  I was sneaking liquor around every where, and didn't get busted, but it was an interesting scenario.

So here are some pictures of one of my last nights out as a single lady.  I will be posting a video later with the Katy Perry song, Last Friday Night, which I deemed my theme song for the night.


  1. I am so glad you had a great time!! If I hadn't been in the states on vacation, I would have been there!! Photos are fantastic and you look AMAZING in that dress!!!!


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