Hi, waving sheepishly over here

I've been avoiding my blogging for some time now, it's been weird, I went from blogging all the time to not, and when I would sit down because I had time to blog, I'd just sit and stare at the flashing cursor on the screen and NOTHING!!

I'd tell myself I'd have time on the weekend, or time after I put my kids to bed, but the reality was I just never made the time.  I could have made the time, there was time in my day to devote to writing, to devote to things I love, but I pushed them all aside.  I wasn't depressed, I just had no interest in doing things I loved, even going to my exercise class. There was always some excuse why I couldn't go.

I was in a FUNK!

I hate being in funks, it's so hard and tiresome trying to get out of them, and for me they always sneak up out of no where.  I mean I was uber stressed out from my job that I left August 13, and I think that definitely added to my overall motivation, or lack there of.  Then I started a new job in a high school library (omg so much fun), and I was good at my job, I was efficient, I was creative and I really liked the ladies i worked with, but there was something about being back in a school but not being in the classroom that gnawed away at me. And I couldn't get over my funk and it just got deeper and deeper, especially when you throw in what was happening with the economy and my husbands work sector. The stress from the job I'd left was being replaced with a different stress, financial burden and change.... 

This kind of reads like a diary, and I suppose this entry is, to be perfectly honest. I am just sitting down to write because I need to get back into this habit. I have a goal to finish my second novel this year, I've finished my first, it's sitting in my folder on my desktop, and now I'm writing the second one.  But I won't get back into writing if I don't set aside time to do it each day, week, month etcetera.  

So much to catch up on and so much to plan. I am hoping to have two new blogs each week. I'm moving back to blogger since I'm not ready to invest in Wordpress at this point.  Maybe my posts will start to be read more and more hits will lead to a payday from blogger and then I can think of investing in my blog, but for now it shall remain a hobby.

I can say I'm out of my funk, I'm getting out, I'm playing soccer, I'm starting a new job (TEACHING!!), I'm going to exercise class, I'm spending time with my kids in a way that we both enjoy and get some quality time carved out and I'm reading and writing again.  I feel more like my authentic self and not the self that was trying to hide away!

So happy reading to all my readers, I'm back!!!


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