Post the World

Let me take you back to January 2015.  I had to drive to Calgary as I had a specialist appointment, it was just me and the baby in the car I was looking at the scenery as I drove and my brain was thinking, not just about driving but about a thousand things. I was thinking how I was sad I wouldn't get to see my friend because the baby was sick and I didn't want to spread his germs, I was thinking how pretty the mountains looked, I was thinking the roads were so much better than the last time I'd made that drive and I was thinking that I wish I could send post cards and get post cards from people from around the world.

I remember when I was a teenager I used to get those chain letters in the mail, and annoying as they were it was kind of fun to send off letters and to get so many letters in the mail.  I loved the idea of passing along Luck, because that's what all those letters were about, if you mailed that letter to 10 people you'd get something you wanted so why not!! I didn't like them as much when they were emails or texts they are kind of annoying.

I did think that getting a post card from all over the world would be kind of neat, especially if it was from people I didn't know, just saying hi, but it would be nice if they could also start to receive post cards from other people if they sent out their own. But it would have nothing to do with Lady Luck blessing you with anything or being cursed with bad luck if you chose not too!! And then I could put all the post cards in a scrap book. I realize that this isn't a totally unique idea, it's piggy backing off a couple ideas, I think there's a coffee table book that have different postcards and on the postcards people wrote their secrets.....  and it's taking the idea of chain letters to help everyone get new contacts and it's also sort of like a pen pal idea.

I'm calling it Post the World, because the goal is to send Smiles to as many people as I can and hopefully I will get post cards from around the world, every country in the world, that would be so COOL!!  I'm still working on the idea, but if you happen to get a post card in the mail you can be assured I have started Post The World Campaign and I'll have instructions posted how to continue on!!


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